Nail Art Collection that suits your attire


Why you will love it!!!

Awesomeness-NFLM designer Nail wear inject style and awesomeness into your daily life. NFLM has the right style and gift for contemporary females to express style statement through the nail art. Giving a new form of expression through nails.

Convenience-You paint! You blow! You wait! You put your hand in purse and ruining the freshly painted nails. What can we do about it?Luckily, NFLM designer Nail wear is a convenient way of using nail art .It take only 7-10 minutes to apply over all the 10 finger nail and no drying time.

Safety–Three free and eco friendly, NFLM designer Nail wear is non toxic and does not contain carcinogenic chemicals like DBP, formaldehyde, Toluene. Knowing that our product is helping the Earth and our nails is well worth it.

Performance-Do you love to do your own nails but hate the smudges? So here NFLM provides dry nail polish, so there is no chance of smear or smudges and it is waterproof and last up to 7 days with a top coat applied that gives you a beautiful nails to flaunt without fading colours.

Convenient way to Apply!!!

Choose & Peel the Nailwear

Select designer Nailwear as per the size of nail & peel it from the pack.

Apply on the Nails

Apply designer Nailwear on the nail along the cuticle edge.

Buff off excess

Buff off the excess part of nail art sticker with Buffer & cuticle stick.

For long last..use clear coat

For long lasting of nailwear, use good quality top coat.

Testimonials!!!--See what our consumers have to say

Pranauti Gaikwad- Graphic Designer

Awesome design...perfect with my attire....

Aditi Shukla- Student

Fabulous!! designs & collection.

Madhavi Sagar-Digital Marketer

The formal set of nail art is brilliant.

Aditi Khanorkar-Student

NFLM gives a reason to flaunt my beautiful nails.

Mudita Nabira-Financial Analyst

NFLM give a new way to express ourselves .

Mrunal Rangari-Student

Wide colllection to choose from..