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Best Easy Nontoxic Nail Art Designs Stickons NERTIA

by simran

Posted on Aug. 14, 2017, 5:29 p.m.

I was having a great time with my cousins in a family reunion. Oh my god!!! I can die at this moment. Yes I was laughing that hard and so was everyone. Finally everyone got stable. My mother called and said that a person wants to meet you. I went there When I saw her, I glared at my mother .She knows I don’t want to see this person ever. She is the person who calls me tomboy in a single sentence like 5 times and the reason behind tomboy calling thing is because I never apply make up as my skin is sensitive and this lady always forgets . And when I tell her, she tells me the skin hacks. Everytime the same thing happens.
I was lying on my bed after the reunion. I was rewinding my day, it was a happy day. I was scrolling the pins i.e images. I don’t know why but I found this app very interesting. I am talking about pinterest. In india, many people don’t know about this app. But I love it. In this app, we can share, upload but we also have an additional feature we can create boards for any topic imaginable. I haven’t created any board yet but my friends have like dogs and cats talking and riding the classic cars. The possibilities are endless. I saw the pin which was shared by my best friend. It was of NERTIA designer nailwear. I got upset looking at the pin. My best friend never fails to upset me because I love to apply nail polishes. Its been 4 months I haven’t applied it. my nails are yellow its nothing related to my skin. It just that i was crazy behind the nail polish. There wasn’t a day when I went without applying nail polishes. I thought my nails will leave the stains in a month. After a month, I gave up and started applying the nail polishes again but my mother and my best friend took away all the nail polishes. I was angry with them for the next 2 days.
She never pins me with nail art design. Lets see whats new in this pin. When I went to NERTIA designer nail wear, I was happy and sad at the same moment. Happy, because the designs were treat to eyes. They were so beautiful, amazing and every good word and Sad as I cant apply any of it.
The next day I met her. I saw the nail art on her nails. she had applied one of the designs of NERTIA and her nails were shinning with the nail art. I asked her how did she apply such complicated design with nail polishes. suddenly she started laughing. I was confused because of the way she reacted. Those were the stick ons, said she. We have to stick it properly with the help of filer. The first impression of NERTIA was awesome on me. these stick ons made my day. Oh yes, I was that crazy behind the nail art and nail polishes. But, this always comes in between. I know they wont let me apply it . Then I was leaving, she stopped me and gave me a small packet. It was of NERTIA stick ons. she smiled and said “this is for you”. I felt happy for a minute then I told her I cant apply it(remember my nails have stains). She glared at me and said “they are made up of non toxic chemicals and I purchased it specially for you, plus the designs are awesome . So, trust me and try it”.
I trusted her and applied it as per the instruction. After a really long time my nails looked beautiful. My mind went into flashback thinking about the time when people use to give me weird stares. Actually I never cared about it because from my childhood nail art and nail polishes completes me. But now I think I can trust NERTIA as I read about it. The chemicals used are really non toxic. The next day I met her, I gave her a hug and she said, “I am glad you liked it”. After 3 days, I took off the stick ons. My nails were not any better, but they weren’t bad either . Now i trust NERTIA completely. But i want more designs. I started searching online but my mother called me to come downstairs. I went there and she gave me packet of NERTIA with a design, I wanted. I said,”you are the best mom”. After that I applied stick ons regularly. And the best part no one stops me. Thank you NERTIA.


by Tejashree

Posted on July 24, 2017, 12:15 p.m.

Instagram has got to be the worst app ever created. Or perhaps the best.

I find myself merrily double tapping my screen for hours on end. It’s not just a thing I do to pass the time anymore. My fingers mechanically find the app, scroll and like stuff all on their own. In between meetings, waiting for my food at a restaurant, sitting in the back of an auto; I’m always fixated on my screen. Like Cady Heron from Mean Girls, I’m a woman possessed.

My varied taste in choices works perfectly with it too. The accounts I follow range from “SoYummy” to “EmilysCartoons”. One second I’m looking at a makeup tutorial and the next I’m reading Harry Potter fan fiction. The deep dark vortex of the ‘Gram sucks me right in. Putting the phone down seems like a task that I’ll never quite master. The worst of it all is bedtime. ‘I’ll just scroll through my feed till I fall asleep’, I think to myself. I regret it the next morning, waking up half an hour late after going to bed at 2 AM.

I do enjoy looking at pictures of people I actually know in real life. Seeing my distant cousin trotting around NYC or my ex-boyfriend with a bad haircut are some experiences which bring a genuine smile to my face, even on the rainy days. But this comes at the cost of looking at pictures which make me burn with jealousy. I want to go to Vietnam and try their seafood too! I want to walk through the streets of Bangalore! I want to dress up in Kenyan attire! But I sit instead in my small city home, wearing pajamas and eating Maggi for dinner. So much for #goals.

Sometimes the products I stumble across on Instagram truly amaze me. The other day I saw a post from a company called NFLM which sold nail art you could just stick on your nails. What an incredible feat. Me, a lazy, low maintenance girl who almost always has chipped nails can just put on some stickers to have kickass nails. The 21st century is truly amazing.
Other times, however, the products are horrifying. Like that detox tea stuff Insta-models keep trying to shove down my throat. Why would I want to get a s**t ton of tea that doesn’t even taste like tea? Tea holds an extremely important place in my life, and seeing it get disrespected this way just pisses me off. It’s not tea people! It’s just not!

With all its imperfections, I know Instagram is always going to be an app which I just can’t quit. It’s an addiction which I fight with every day. Maybe someday I’ll be so content with my real life that I won’t feel like opening the app to compare myself to a strange façade that everyone has of themselves online. Maybe someday I’ll realize that laughing at comics or looking at political posts till sunrise isn’t exactly a great habit to keep. Maybe someday…

Today though, today is not that day!

Manicure Decoded: Three Ways Nails Define Your Hidden Personality

by Maitreyee

Posted on July 21, 2017, 10:59 a.m.

Manicure Decoded: Three Ways Nails Define Your Hidden Personality
We always wear our heart on nails. Be it a red carpet event or a Sunday brunch, subtle get-together or glam parties, nails speak our mind, mood and moreover it defines our personality. You can tell how somebody is feeling with just a quick look at their manicure. A girl with red hot nails, the first words that strike your head is glamorous or bold. Someone with short nails, you probably imagine the girl-next-door image. Whether you like changing a lot of shades or stick to two or more shades, manicure best describes your hidden unique personality. Because we girl can never get enough of manicure. We bring you three ways to find what nails say about your personality. It’s “nail language, you know!”
Nail length is the foremost thing people notice about your nails. It shows how well you take care of your nails or how obsessed you are with your manicure. Different nail shapes show different personality traits, just like our favorite celebs. There’s no harm in changing the way people judge you with just simple manicure habits.
Stilettos or Long Pointed Nails- You’re sexy, daring and love challenges. Pointy nails make short fingers look slim and lengthen them. This kind of nail shaped women do not make use of their hands much in the daily life. They’re more relaxing and calm in nature. Lady Gaga and Beyonce` love to flaunt this type of nail shape.
Short Nails- You are a perfectionist because you love trimming your nails regularly. Girls with short nails are analytical in nature. They’re workaholics and are always ready to explore the world. Solid color nail paint defines your nails making it more polished and clean. Hollywood celebs- Vanessa Hudgens, Taylor Swift, Jessica Alba love short nails.
Square Shape Nails- Square shape nails are much-loved by Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson. This nail shape is for someone who is strong, bold and a true leader in nature. Arrived straight from French manicure, it makes your nails look graceful and longer. They’re the “center of attraction.”
Round Nails- You are more caring, romantic and feminine in nature. Round nails give you the illusion of thinner fingers. Round nail women look for harmony and peace. This shape signifies good nature. Follow Kelly Osbourne, Eva Longoria who loves round nail shape.
Oval Nails- You’re independent and practical as compared to other pointed sisters. Oval nails look trendy and chic. You’re stylish and love subtle things in life. Your easy going nature makes you a perfect stylish woman. They’re non-aggressive and prefer compromises. Celebs with oval nails are Freida Pinto, and Heidi Klum.
You see, nail colors speak more than your dress and shoes.
Neon- Back in the 90s! you liked parties and wanted to be the attraction wherever you go. You are exciting and entertainment person just like Rihanna. You enjoy the spotlight.
Red- “bold and beautiful!” Sophistication is your middle name and you’re classy, you know that. Red indicates hot side of you. But beware; red lover can steal your man away. Zoe Saldana, Taylor Swift, and Kareena Kapoor Khan love to show red nails.
Glitter- If you love bling or glitter, you are full of glamour. The only one word that describes your style is ‘LOUD.’ There’s nothing heavy about you. You’re full of life, sparkles and love to bring smile on everyone’s face. Same like Lady Gaga and Beyonce`.
Nude- You love being natural. You look comfortable in being neutral and don’t believe in trend. You love to look chic and classic.
Dark Shades- You are a born leader and following isn’t your taste. You are the trendsetter, you are rebellious and always have a strong opinion. People wouldn’t want to mess with you.
Metallic-You love wearing bold colors because you are no fragile princess. Just like Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence both are strong personality and love to make bold statement.
Stripes, Chevron, Zig-Zag or Wavy- You’re outgoing and fun-loving person. You don’t want to look serious. Your bubbly personality make people laugh and fills the environment with happy vibes. But mind you, you’re not afraid of challenge. An eye-catching, quirky pattern nail art is perfect for your cheerful nature.
Mix of Patterns and Designs- You are a funky person. You Love music and you love being quirky. Tribal prints or splash of different designs defines your clumsy nature. You love being messy.
Glitter Fun- Something for the glamorous girl. You accessorize your nails with glittering paint, beads, and crystals to make it more delicate and glam. You are stylish and love manicure like crazy. You never know when you are off to a party.
Flowery and Polka Dot Print: For girl-next-door who loves fine living nothing too utter glam. Your nature is clam and you love to appreciate your surroundings. Flower is your first love and it is cleverly reflected in your nail art.
Patches and Animal Prints- If you wish to show your wider side then this nail art is for you. For someone who is secretive and wild at heart, this nail art reveals much about them. From leopard print to zebra stripes, a little patch inspired from cow or tiger prints, animal prints are much bolder and work wonders for night events. Suit up your LBD with leopard print to show true, evil side.
Whether you are a creative or a glamorous girl, nail art is a staple for any fashion statement. So bring out your inner-self and show your personality through nails. Let people judge you in a good and creative way!

5 reasons one should try NERTIA designer nail art stickons

by simran

Posted on July 17, 2017, 1:02 p.m.

Have you ever thought of it as from how many years are we using nail polishes?? No ,then think about it. We are using nail polishes since 3000 BC. Oh yes, i can image your shocked faces. We love to try everything these days then why not give a shot to designer stickons. here are 5 reasons of why we should try designer stickons.
1. The designer nail art stickons save us from endless hardwork of designing every nail as stickons are already designed. we just have to apply it.
2. The designer nail art stickons are stainless. I know great news for regular users. Now you can apply as many as you want.
3. The designer stickons are the new trend. so be trendy and apply designer nail art stickons.
I would like to tell you the reason why i said to try NERTIA designer nail art stickons. You will be happy to read it.
4. The NERTIA designer stickons are made up of non toxic chemicals and are biodegradable in nature. Yes this product doesn’t cause any harm to your body as well as to our environment.
5. The NERTIA designer stickons gives us the opportunity to customise the designs which you wish to wear. Isn’t it AWESOME .we can apply the design which we wish to wear. go for NERTIA designer nail art stickons