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Five beautiful nail art designs to try at home

by sumit

Posted on Dec. 31, 2016, 1:16 p.m.

Creativity is certainly on the tip of the nails these days! Nail art has become a trendy expression of spirit, worn to compliment one’s dress and attire. Unique and exclusive there are innumerable shades of colors and a million ways to decorate the nails and that’s probably why the word ‘nail art’ seems to be very apt.

Here are five beautiful nail designs that can be tried at home –

Heart Nail Art
This is as girly as it gets! Pink nail polish with a pair of hearts bonded together in love! First apply the base coat. Once it is dry apply a coat of bright pink, red or purple polish at least twice. After it dries use the dotting tool to make 2 dots side by side like this –Next use the tool to drag the line down to a point under the dots to fill in. Now your heart is complete! Go ahead and make the same design on all your nails and then seal it with a top coat.

Chequered Chess Nail Art
Chess nail art is not only stylish but looks classic with a touch of vintage. As always, apply base coat and allow it to dry. Next apply two coats of black nail polish and wait until it dries. Next use a small ruler to make a line in the middle of the nail vertically and two lines horizontally with a white nail pen. After the nail pen dries use the while nail polish to fill in the squares. Voila! You are ready for some black and white action!

Polka Dots Nail Art
Polka dots are so retro that they are always in vogue. Apply a base coat first and then wait until it dries. Next apply the base color (which can be anything). After the base color dries use the dotting tool to place a dot of contrasting color in the middle of the nail. Start placing other dots methodically similar to a matrix. After it dries, apply the top coat to seal the design and you are so ready for that tea party with girls.

Peacock Nail Art
Vibrant and colorful peacocks are endearingly beautiful and so are the nails that are intricately designed with it. There are many ways to design a peacock feather on the nails. First apply the base coat and wait until it dries. Next apply the base color (blue or green). Use a short brush to apply strokes of black nail polish and embellish it with strokes of contrasting blue or green color (depending on what base color you applied). Look casually elegant and lovely with this beautiful nail art.

Mosaic Print Nail Art
Chic and cute mosaic prints are not only creative but also incredibly versatile. Mosaic designs are uneven shapes drawn on the nail and filled with varied range of colors. Apply a base coat and wait until it dries. Next apply a base color (light pink, blue). Use a nail art pen to draw uneven lines in any dark color. Wait for the pen color to dry completely and then mix and match colors and fill in the blocks with random colors. Adding neon colors gives a splash of light to the entire ensemble of this nail art.

Nail Art is as intricate as it is time consuming but most often working women find it hard to indulge in some bling, due to lack of time. That’s where common sense mated with fashion and came up with stick-on nail art. No need to compromise on time or rue your drawing skills (or lack of). Just stick it on and you are ready for your party.